Care Minders

Doug Brown and Lisa Zandt recently opened CareMinders, a home-health care agency to serve those in and around Tucson, including Oro Valley, Marana, and Pima County.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

For some, dealing with aging parents can be a difficult and emotional ordeal. For husband and wife Doug Brown and Lisa Zandt, they understand this situation first hand and have opened CareMinders in Tucson with the intention of helping people through similar life events.

Both sets of their parents needed assistance at the end of their lives. Some of them needed home care, while the others needed care within a hospice.

“We’ve seen the service from the family side of things as well,” Zandt said. “We got good service where we were, but we understand the stress behind it and what goes into making the decision when a family member needs home care.”

The couple opened their home-health care agency CareMinders, 1239 East Prince Road, which is licensed by the state of Arizona. CareMinders has a full-time Registered Nurse on staff, as well as other RNs and Licensed Practical Nurse on their roster as needed to serve people in Tucson, as well as Oro Valley, Marana, and Catalina.

“So we can do nursing services in home, as well as the personal and companion care,” Zandt said. “The state allows us to do that since we are licensed as a home health agency.”

The agency is also accredited with the same accreditation that hospitals receive to keep their doors open.

With these accreditations and staff, CareMinders is able to work with people very quickly, or they can work with siblings and family members long before CareMinders’ service is ever needed.

The couple gave an example of a family who knew their parents were going to be in need of home care, but didn’t expect the time to come so quickly.

After a free in-home assessment of the house and of the patient, it was apparent that the couple needed more than a few hours of care each day.

“Especially at night, getting up often, and the wife had had a few falls already,” Zandt said.

The husband was later moved to a hospice where he passed, and then the mother was moved to a care facility. Though CareMinders were no longer needed any more, when the mother had a significant incident, the siblings called them during a holiday weekend.

“The family called and said, ‘mom seems to be very ill, she not behaving quite like we expected, can you have a caregiver go out?’” Zandt recalled.

They were able to send someone out to check on her and to make sure the woman received the care she needed.

CareMinders’ in-home care is not simply a service for the elderly.

“If you need any kind of home services or home care assistance, regardless of age, we can provide that,” Zandt said.

They can provide care for someone coming home from the hospital with an injury that might need periodic attention, or help with doing daily chores like showering or getting dressed because the injury and recovery limits their abilities for a short amount of time.

CareMinders, which has 40 other facilities around the country, allows Brown and Zandt to tap into resources that a smaller home care office might not have. They have ties with sister agencies for support. With that, they can reduce their costs and pass those savings onto the customers.

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