Marana Police Department

Marana Chief of Police Terry Rozema has instituted a new wellness program for the Marana Police Department.  This program is unique, because traditionally very few police agencies across the country have an established fitness or wellness program.  

“The public has a reasonable expectation that those of us who protect them are competent and capable. Therefore it’s incumbent on leadership to continually look for ways to ensure our personnel are mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to provide a level of service that exceeds expectations. The Marana Police Department’s new “Fit for Duty” program is an additional element of our ongoing efforts to provide our community with the best police service possible and give our employees everything they need to carry out their responsibilities with excellence,” said Rozema.

The purpose of the program is to encourage the Department’s sworn officers to maintain healthy levels of fitness.  Police Officers need to be physically fit to deal with the physical demands of the job.  Officers are also historically prone to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and a myriad of other health related problems.  

The program and standards are the result of a year long staff study conducted by MPD physical fitness instructors, department command staff, and town legal advisors.  These standards were selected by the department’s physical fitness instructors and approved by the town’s legal department because they have been validated as being job related for law enforcement officers.  The program is voluntary for officers to participate in and officers can earn rewards based on their performance.  

The program consists of the following - Agility Course, 300 meter run, maximum bench press, push ups, sit ups, vertical leap, and a 1.5 mile run.

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"Marana Chief of Police Terry Rozema has instituted a new wellness program for the Marana Police Department."

This is a good thing. I suggest that Chief Rozema should also require MPD officers with tattoos to wear long shirts to cover those tattoos. Doing so would reflect more positively on the city and the police department.

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