Oro Valley Councilmembers targeted for recall

Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath and Councilmembers Joe Hornat, Mary Snider and Lou Waters.

There may be somebody new handling the gavel in Oro Valley this November.

Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath, whose term expires this year, hasn’t yet committed to running for a second term. 

But he isn’t ruling it out, either.

The decision, Hiremath said, will likely be put off until closer to the May 28 candidate-filing deadline. 

Hiremath, who claimed the mayoral seat in 2010 after a close race with sitting councilman Mike Zinkin, has in the past stated he desired to be a one-term mayor, but said his final decision to run again would hinge on whether he felt he left anything unaccomplished.

If there is anything still on that to-do list, Hiremath still has some time to address it before his seat would be filled this winter. But the mayor said most, if not all, of his main priorities have been fulfilled during this term.

“We’ve gotten a lot done in Oro Valley,” said Hiremath. “I don’t feel like there is much left on the ‘needs’ list, it’s more about things on the ‘wants’ list.”

One of the things Hiremath would like to see come to fruition is a town facility that adheres to special needs children and teens. Whether or not that or other priorities are enough to keep Hiremath around for another term remains to be seen.

“I haven’t decided,” said Hiremath. “Right now I’m just taking it day to day. When the time gets closer, I’ll sit down with my family and discuss it with them before I make up my mind.”

Hiremath, a husband and father who also runs his own private dentistry practice, said having adequate time would be another factor in making his decision. 

During his term as mayor, Hiremath has played a role in seeing through major projects such as the Oro Valley Aquatic Center, Archery Range, and the soon-to-come Naranja Park improvements. 

Three other terms expire this year to include council members Joe Hornat and Mary Snider, as well as vice mayor Lou Waters. 

Of those three, Hornat is the only one thus far to have picked up a candidate handbook from the Town Clerk’s Office. Newcomers Tony Eichorn and Richard Furash have also done so. 

Like Hiremath, Snider said her decision is one still to come.

“I make all decisions about my future activities with my family because they come first,” said Snider. “We’re in the middle of discussions about whether or not I will be seeking reelection. I enjoy very much serving my community, and when my family and I have had those discussions and there is a decision forthcoming, I will be announcing my candidacy.”

Waters declined to comment on whether or not he will run. 

Hornat could not be reached for comment.

Candidates for council must be a qualified elector at the time of election, be 18 years of age or older, and have resided in Oro Valley for at least one year preceding the election.

Candidates must also collect at least 279 signatures but not more than 558 signatures on a nomination petition to be eligible for election.

The primary election will be held on Aug. 26, and the general election is Nov. 4. 

Candidates can turn in nomination paperwork from 8 a.m. on April 28 to 5 p.m. on May 28. 

Newly elected members will assume the duties of office on Nov. 18.

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