MUSD chromebooks in classroom

Marana Unified School District students using Chromebook computers in the classroom.

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As of 10:19 p.m., the results for Proposition 456 are as follows: 11,194 against, 6,932 for (61.57 and 38.43 percent, respectively).

Original story:

Marana voters overwhelmingly rejected a budget override for the Marana Unified School District that would have tacked an additional 3 percent to the 10 percent override approved last fall, early results indicate

Tuesday’s final tally—which was a 62 to 38 percent (11,104 to 6,932) “no” vote on Prop. 456, would have allowed the district to continue its transition to digital classrooms and hire and retain staff members, according to the district’s website.

Under the failed override, funding would have come from a levy of taxes on taxable property within Marana, in effect for seven years.

The override, which the district estimated would provide $2 million in additional revenue had the support of the Marana Chamber of Commerce, with President and CEO Ed Stolmaker calling the measure a way for MUSD to support itself in October.

Proponents of the override cited its ability to curb increases in class size, which ranged from 22 in kindergarten and second grade, to 26 per class in fourth through sixth grade this school year. 

In a press release, MUSD Superintendent Doug Wilson said he believes the results "are not reflective of our community's feelings towards the district."

“We have a remarkably supportive community," he said. "We have to consider that these are trying economic times in our community, state, and country; consequently impacting the ability to fund K-12 education adequately.”

Despite the outcome, Wilson said the district knows that schools play a valuable role in the success of the children in the community community and in the long term economic success of Marana.
"We remain committed to providing the highest quality education while ensuring we are good stewards of resources entrusted to us. Our District will continue to provide a diverse educational experience to ensure our students are prepared with the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century,” Wilson said.

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