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Due to a new state law, commercial developments in Marana will now charge impact fees. Originally, the law only required impact fees from residential and industrial developments.

Keith Brann, the Marana town engineer, presented a preliminary draft of the impact fees plan during the  March 18 council meeting.

In February, the town approved a growth assumptions plan for the next 10 years and the type of projects they may need.

Now, the town is in the process of adopting new impact fees to streets, park facilities and infrastructures to come in compliance with Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) §9-463.05, which now requires Marana to pay commercial impact fees. The statute, Senate Bill 1525, was adopted in 2011 by the Arizona Legislature.

Towns like Marana are required to adopt the new fee schedule no later than Aug. 1.

According to the statute “If development fees are assessed by a municipality, the fees shall be assessed against commercial, residential and industrial development”. 

For a commercial development, impact fees are determined by how often a single-family residence (SFR) travels directly to a business. From 2014 to 2023, the total cost for commercial development impact fees is estimated to be $72,105,670. 

All fees will apply to the northwest, northeast and south service areas of Marana. The total cost for improvements is estimated to be $148,268,739 between the years of 2014 and 2023.

Street improvements are determined by the “equivalent demand unit” (EDU), which is determined by the amount of miles that a SFR travels on an arterial road. On average a SFR makes 10 trips per day to any given area. 

In other business, the Town of Marana is working on creating a brand name for the town. The purpose for a brand name is to help people identify more with the town through encouraging tourism, showcasing different aspects of the town, making people want to move there and making the town recognizable nationwide. 

The brand name is to be “relatable, engaging and inviting”. 

Currently, the brand name is “Your Town” with the “Y” partially being obscure. This allows a person to see two different messages: “Your Town” and “Our Town”. The town hopes to vote on a brand name within the coming months.

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