Town of Marana

The Marana Town Council unanimously approved the annexation of 38.84 acres of land in the Twin Peaks area during the regular session held on Aug. 6.

The 38.84 acres of land, better known as the Pioneer Remainder – Twin Peaks Annexation, including the adjacent right-of-way, is located north and south of Twin Peaks Road, west of Casa Grande Highway and east of Tiffany Loop.

Public hearings were held for the annexation on March 5, with the official process getting under way in February. Following the hearing, town staff worked to get the required signatures to make the annexation official. To annex the property, town officials were required to gather signatures from more than 50 percent of the property owners, and from more than 50 percent of real and personal property value.

Councilman Dave Bowen asked what sections of the annexation are owned by the town. Town Manager Gilbert Davidson said the town is annexing property that was acquired through the building of the Twin Peaks interchange.

The property in question is zoned by Pima County as CB-2 (General Business), CI-2 (General Industrial) and RH (Rural Homestead). In order for Marana to meet the correct zoning requirements, the three zoning areas of Pima County will change to the town’s RD-180 (Rural Development) zoning. 

With the annexation, the Town of Marana is required to maintain the roadways in Twin Peaks. All other land in the annexation area is currently owned by public entities.

The council was also agreeable to the proposed annexation as it complies with the required planning boundaries specified in the General Plan.

Davidson said the annexation will be beneficial to bring the community together as well as help increase incoming revenue from sales tax collections. 

“The Twin Peaks interchange is in our planning area,” Davidson said. “We don’t want to have county islands.”

During the last several years, town officials have been planning to square up the town’s boundaries. Davidson has said it becomes confusing about which jurisdiction residents are in when there are islands of Pima County-controlled land surrounded by residents living in Marana town limits. This annexation follows the plans laid out.

Working on future annexation plans, town officials will be working with landowners just outside the Twin Peaks parcel for future annexations that will continue to eliminate county islands.

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