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Poll finds narrow majority in favor of legalizing sale of marijuana in Arizona

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  • DaveKAz posted at 9:15 pm on Tue, Mar 11, 2014.

    DaveKAz Posts: 3

    The first tax figures for Colorado shows the drug brought in $3.5 million in taxes and fees in January. Of that, $2.1 million came from recreational marijuana and the remaining $1.4 million from medical marijuana. The figures from the state Department of Revenue also give a preliminary idea of the size of the marijuana trade in the state, showing $14 million worth of marijuana was sold in the first month of legal sales. Medical marijuana still outsold recreational pot by more than two to one, netting $31 million in sales that month. "It's like the end of alcohol prohibition. We don't go to the alley to buy a six pack anymore. We go to stores. And that is what's happening with marijuana," said Brian Vicente, who helped legalize pot in Colorado. "This is revenue directly out of the hands of cartels. These tax numbers will probably grow over time, but since it's a new market, we'll have to wait and see." These first monies will go to rebuild schools there.

  • John Flanagan posted at 12:09 pm on Tue, Feb 25, 2014.

    John Flanagan Posts: 380

    Legalizing marijuana just adds one more social problem and increases addictions in our communities, and even so called "anything goes" libertarians should see the consequences of introducing the future generations of young people. Fully legalizing pot will have nothing but negative consequences, however, if many people are determined to live in a sick and narcissistic society, the wish will evidently come true.

  • judderwocky posted at 1:09 pm on Wed, Feb 19, 2014.

    judderwocky Posts: 1

    "“As Arizonans are able to see the growing problems in Colorado and Washington, the percentage of those in favor of legalizing marijuana is more likely to decline rather than grow.”

    Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

    So... basically Bill doesn't think the Titanic is going down.


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