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Two of the United States’ most-respected voices in higher education will be at Pima Community College this week to work intensively with PCC teams leading the College’s redesign of Developmental Education.

Dr. Kay McClenney, director of the Center for Community College Student Engagement, and Dr. Byron McClenney, program director for Achieving the Dream and co-chair of the 21st Century Initiative Developmental Education re-design team, will be at PCC Jan. 13-14 to conduct workshops and offer insights about the role community colleges can play so that today’s students can achieve their educational and professional goals.

As part of their visit, Dr. Kay McClenney will make a presentation to PCC regular and adjunct faculty and staff instructors. The presentation will be Jan. 14 from 1:30-3 p.m. in the Amethyst Room at Downtown Campus, 1255 N. Stone Ave. It will be live-streamed to specific locations at each campus:

  • Community Campus, 401 N. Bonita Ave.: Room A-109
  • Desert Vista Campus, 5901 S. Calle Santa Cruz: Room A-138
  • District Office, 4905 E. Broadway: Room C-105
  • East Campus, 8181 E. Irvington Road: Room L-101 (Community Room)
  • Maintenance and Security, 6680 S. Country Club Road: Room MS-105
  • Northwest Campus, 7600 N. Shannon Road: Room A-207 (Community Room)
  • West Campus, 2202 W. Anklam Road: Room J-G05

After the presentation, a video will be posted on the College’s website.

“PCC is committed to open access, and redesigning our Developmental Education program is one of my key goals,” Chancellor Lee D. Lambert said. “Obtaining guidance from nationally renowned voices such as Drs. Kay and Byron McClenney helps PCC meet its responsibility to provide opportunities to all members of the community.”

On June 14, 2013, Dr. Kay McClenney came to PCC to lead a public forum and Board of Governors workshop on college completion and developmental education. [Watch a video of the forum/workshop.]

The McClenneys' visit is part of a PCC strategic planning process that Chancellor Lambert outlined in a recent post on his blog.

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