Anthony Prowell has officially announced he will be running on the Independent ticket in Congressional District 1.

Originally, Prowell intended on running for Gabrielle Giffords’ Democratic seat in District 8, but with the recent district restructure, has decided to remain a District 1 candidate.

Prowell, a 25-year special education teacher at Liberty Elementary School said, “People often complain, but do nothing. It’s time to take a stand, and that is what I am doing.”

Prowell has dabbled in both the Republican and Democratic parties in the past, but said he found too much hypocrisy in both, ultimately leading to his decision to run as an Independent candidate.

“Running as an Independent gives members of each party a voice,” said Prowell. “There are no special interests. It’s about giving a voice to the public.”

Prowell said many voters feel their elected officials do not accurately represent the desires of the populace because Democrats and Republicans are too vested in their own political battles, and not concerned enough with public opinion.

Prowell said he hopes to rebuild the trust he feels has been lost between the public and its government.

If elected, Powell plans to vote on issues based on the wishes of the general public, “putting America and the American people first.”

He plans to use survey software that would allow voters in the district to tell him how to vote on items pending legislation brought before Congress.

Prowell said his platform would address five main voter concerns in District 1, which include: fixing the tax code, protecting social security, giving the public a voice, ending big money influence in Congress, and trimming the Congressional budget.

Prowell will be running against Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick and Republican Jonathan Paton.

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