The Town of Marana recently decided to hire Tucson native, Ryan Mahoney, as the new planning director. Mahoney will start work on Oct. 14.

Mahoney spent 30 years in Tucson where he attended the University of Arizona and received a Bachelors’ degree in interdisciplinary studies and a Master’s in land use planning in 2005. After finishing, he was hired as the town planner of Buena Vista, Colo. where he worked for a few years. During that time he also took other planning contractual jobs – one being in Rio Blanco County.

In 2009, he was hired as town manager of Dolores, Colo. where he held numerous responsibilities in human resources, development, public works, and park and law enforcement. Working in these areas has given Mahoney a broad range of experience and understanding of municipal government and private sectors. 

Within the last year, Mahoney started looking for other job opportunities and came upon the open planning director position in Marana. Having lived there for many years and his wife, Minette, having a professional architect opportunity made the decision to go for the job an easy choice.

“We’d always thought of moving back to be closer to family,” said Mahoney. “I went through the process and saw the type of work they were going to be embarking on and it was an interesting body of work – something that has enough interest to keep me in the job for quite some time.”

One of the key parts of the interview process was the required presentation by those applying for the position to give a presentation on their vision and conceptual ideas for the downtown area. Mahoney hit on four major points: connectivity, density, events and the amount of people already there.

Mahoney wants to see the Interstate 10 connect the rest of the town to the area as well as have a pedestrian environment that is inviting. This would involve having a place where people can comfortably walk around, shop and eat out at restaurants and a place to bring the kids. With the area already having a municipal, library and school complex, Mahoney thinks the town is off to a great start.

“My management position here (Colorado) has a lot of similarities to the one in Marana,” said Mahoney. “It’s going to take time to adjust but with all of us working together we can get things accomplished and our success in large part is measured by that.”

Part of being able to accomplish projects is simply getting along with everyone, according to Mahoney. 

“I tend to get along with people quite well and develop firm relationships with staff and our constituency – that is a strength,” said Mahoney. “I am really excited and happy to be coming on board and feel very comfortable with my personal and professional life living down here.”

Mahoney will be paid $99,000 annually. The town will eventually start the recruitment for Deputy Manager Del Post’s replacement. They are also looking for Utilities Operator and Water Superintendent.

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