Pima Community College is being commended by the Higher Learning Commission for the “great progress” it has made in assessing student learning, one of the critical areas that the agency uses to accredit the college.


During its 2010 accreditation visit, the HLC asked the College to submit a report describing how it is improving curriculum through careful monitoring and assessment of student learning.


“Pima Community College is commended, not only for an outstanding monitoring report, but as well for the great progress the College has been made in assessment and the wholehearted response to the [HLC] report that enabled such progress,” the HLC wrote to the College on Jan. 28 in approving PCC’s report.


“The commitment of the [PCC] Board, administration, faculty and staff are clearly evident in the many initiatives taken by the College to build and further develop the assessment system at the College,” the HLC added.

The HLC pointed out that the monitoring report included “an impressive list” of ways PCC is improving curriculum based on its assessments of student learning, a process the HLC terms “closing the loop.”


“All disciplines achieved progress towards completing the cycle of assessment; nearly one third successfully carried out an initial assessment and made a change to curricula or a course as a result,” the HLC noted.


“This report recognizes the importance that our faculty, staff and the Governing Board place on serving students where it matters most – in the classroom,” Interim Chancellor Dr. Suzanne Miles said. “The HLC’s findings are an additional motivation to constantly improve learning assessment, so that we can provide courses and programs that help students achieve their educational and professional goals.”


Read the monitoring report and the HLC staff analysis on the Accreditation page of the PCC website at http://www.pima.edu/about-pima/accreditation/index.html.


On Jan. 17-18, a fact-finding team from the HLC visited PCC to get a better sense of issues raised by some community members in letters to the HLC earlier this year. PCC correspondence with the HLC also is available on the Accreditation page of the website.

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