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On Thursday, July 10 the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County’s Jury Commissioner’s Office received multiple calls from Pima County residents who informed them of a possible jury duty scam. The parties reported receiving calls from an individual claiming to be from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. The caller stated that they had a warrant out for them because they did not report for jury duty. The caller told them they could take care of the warrant by paying money to the caller. Some were instructed to purchase a green card from Walgreen’s, or electronically transfer money to the caller, or buy a money order from Circle K.

The caller is not from the Sheriff’s Department or the court. The jury office does not call jurors and demand any kind of payment.

If a person failed to appear for jury service they would be mailed a notice card,which would read:

FAILURE TO APPEAR NOTICE: Our records indicate you failed to appear as instructed for jury service on the date noted above. SECOND SUMMONS NOTICE: You must immediately call the jury office at 724-4222 to reschedule your jury service. Failure to contact the jury office may result in further action being brought against you by this Court as prescribed by Arizona law. WWW.SC.PIMA.GOV/JURY

If you are contacted by an individual who tells you that you have an outstanding warrant for failing to appear for jury service, hang up and contact the jury office at (520) 724-4222 and a member of the jury staff will be able to verify whether or not you have an outstanding summons for jury service. You should further contact the Tucson Police Department and notify them that you have been contacted by this suspicious character. 

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