Despite a slight language barrier and being 5,500-miles away, Carol Feddersen has been able to maintain a tight bond with her two granddaughters Victoria, 9, and Melissa, 7. So much so that Feddersen has published the book, “The Adventures of Les Petites in Tucson”, which is a fictional children’s book about her granddaughters that details their visit to Tucson.

Feddersen’s passion for writing goes all the way back to her first years of college. After four years at Concordia College in St. Paul, Minn., she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education. After that, she taught elementary education for 27 years until pursuing two masters degrees in education. During that time, Feddersen spent about 15 years teaching in Hong Kong while her husband served as one of the senior administrators at the international school.  

Upon receiving her doctorate from Cleveland State University, Feddersen became a professor and taught teacher preparation courses for students who had English as their second language. After both of Feddersen’s granddaughters were born, she started to write books for them. Both girls lived in France and were fluent in French.

“Initially I wrote the books so they could learn English,” said Feddersen, who said the girls’ reaction to her book, came as a pleasant surprise. “They were kind of amazed that it was about them.”

“The Adventures of Les Petites in Tucson” is 152 pages long and is a fictional children’s book that is based off of her granddaughters. The book is available on Amazon and the Kindle. 

Feddersen joined a writer’s workshop in Oro Valley before publishing her book. Though the workshop didn’t necessarily inspire her to write, she is thankful for the women who encouraged her to get the book published. Feddersen’s hope is that the book gives insight into the mixing of different cultures.

“I hope they (readers) see that there more than one way to look at things,” said Feddersen about her book. “I do bring a really mixed background and when I tell stories I think it just kind of happens.”

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