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Oro Valley Council remains divided


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bransonbro: Wow phemmert, it seems you have all the scoop on what’s going on with the Town. Let me enlighten you with the facts. You state that the political agenda is driven by a zealously guarded police department. Where are your facts? Zinkin has spent the majority of his time on Council “scrutinizing” the PD and has found nothing of concern…because if he did he would be shouting it from Pusch Ridge. More importantly, you conclude that the Mayor’s facts are clearly unfounded and at least severely distorted due to the “zealously guarded police department.” How is sexual harassment of Town female employees (which there is factual documentation of...just FOI it as many already have) racist comments about Hispanics, criminal behavior and utter disrespect for fallen firefighters related to the police department? You seem to be as obsessed with trying to trash the police as Zinkin! You state that “These allegations ignore the fact that the OVPD union has refused to work with some members of the Town Council…” What “fact“ are you referring to? According to Zinkin, he has had discussions about police staffing with union leadership, discussed demoting current staff and not wanting to leave a "paper trail". WHO is it that you are saying is "in bed" with the union?. . It seems like the union was willing to work with him until he was caught lying to them and working to undermine the positive working relationship the Town Manager has with the Union. Maintaining good relations with the Town staff is not being in the “same bed,” it is sound leadership and management. A true leader gets the most from those he leads…He also alerts the community about behavior that threatens the community we all love and want to see prosper. Get off the cop bashing, it has nothing to do with Zinkin’s lack of character!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014, 10:17 pm


phemmert: It's unfortunate that political agendas, driven by a zealously guarded police department, result in allegations that are clearly unfounded or at least severely distorted. As voters, we are entitled to unemotional statement of facts. Mayor Hiremath's attacks on Councilman Zinkin are one-sided, and devoid of an unbiased assessment of factual information. These realities include the fact that the OVPD, while consuming approximately half of the entire town budget, escaped with zero budget cuts while other town departments experienced reductions. These allegations ignore the fact that the OVPD union has refused to work with some members of the Town Council (entrusted to managerial oversight of OVPD) in a collaborative manner.

It's questionable on its face that a sitting mayor would even take public sides on a council member recall question. It smacks of trying to remove a person who doesn't agree, and doesn't tout the entire OVPD party line.

Mr. Zinkin is not sleeping in the same bed with OVPD cronies who don't want their comfortable bed rocked, and is now forced to contend with these trumped up, exaggerated claims of nefarious behavior. We should be embarrassed as citizens of this town.

Perhaps Mr. Hiremath's effectiveness as a true leader should be more closely scrutinized. Enough of the fox guarding the OVPD henhouse please.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014, 9:20 am

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