The body cameras are mounted on either the shoulder or on the officer’s glasses.

J.D. Fitzgerald/Tucson Local Med

No knives on campus

One Canyon Del Oro High School student not only made the mistake of bringing knives on campus, but he also decided to sneak into a restricted zone during a school assembly, drawing attention of the school resource officers and campus administration.

On Friday, Jan. 27 around 10:30 a.m. an Oro Valley Police Department SRO was working at the high school was notified by security that a male student had been found on the school’s softball field, and admitted to having two knives in his possession. Security discovered the young man and a young woman hanging out inside the field press box.

While walking back onto campus, the male student informed the security officer that he had two knives in his possession: a folding knife in his pocket and a “credit card knife” in his jacket pocket. With that information, security immediately notified the SRO.

While in the office the student asked, “If I have a C02 BB gun in my car on the floorboard, will that be a problem as well?”

After checking the vehicle, a BB gun and another fixed-blade knife were discovered in the car, though not collected as evidence because they were in a secured vehicle.

Though the student was not reprimanded for the weapons in his car, he was paper arrested for misdemeanor weapons misconduct and possible long-term suspension from the school. 

Jaywalking troubles

Three individuals thought they could get away with smoking marijuana in the early morning hours, though doing so in public only led to involvement with law enforcement.

Just before 3 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28 an OVPD officer noticed “three suspicious persons” jaywalking across Pusch View Lane to the corner of Paseo Rio De Yida. Walking in an unlit area, the officer could only tell that there were three individuals, and they quickly disappeared behind a wall.

Calling for backup, the officer indicated in the report that he initiated his emergency lights and approached the wall. The three individuals were asked by the officer to come out from behind the wall. All three complied; a young woman and two young men approached the officer.

With backup on site, the officer searched behind the wall and discovered a “wooden block” commonly used to transport marijuana and paraphernalia. The officer also indicated the odor of marijuana.

After Mirandizing the three individuals, the officers were told that they had gone behind the wall to smoke the “one-hitter,” before the officer interrupted. 

The two individuals who did not own the marijuana or pipe were allowed to return home, the man admitting to owning the drugs and paraphernalia was cited for possession.

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