Northwest Fire would like everyone to be safe during the Thanksgiving holiday season. We offer the following tips to ensure that no injuries or fires occur:


•The kitchen is a very busy place on Thanksgiving. Keep the area as organized as possible. Kids and Dogs should have different areas within the house or outside to play.

•Always monitor any cooking activities. Combustibles such as dishtowels and potholders/mitts should be kept clear of hot surfaces. Never leave oil cooking unsupervised.

•Pan handles should be turned inward so the risk of bumping them and spilling hot contents is reduced.

•Raw food (especially the turkey) should never be left out. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper thawing and handling food.


•Childproof your home if young visitors are expected. Family members without kids that usually leave medications and other items that may be tempting to kids and harmful to them should be stored away from access. Medications look like candy to kids. If you are visiting friends of families with your kids, ask the tough questions about childproofing including gun storage and matches and lighters. Friends and families that you visit may not store hazardous items out of reach of little ones.

•If using a fireplace, ensure a spark-arresting screen is in place during use. Ensure the flue is open and keep kids and pets away from danger.

•Provide for a safe area for any visitors that may smoke. Ensure that cigarette butts are disposed of properly.


•Make sure that the fryer is on level ground and away from any buildings.

•Measure the amount of oil you will need by placing the turkey into the pot with water. Measure the water to know how much oil you will need based on the size of your turkey.

•Kids and pets should never be near the fryer

•Always observe the frying process. Never leave a fryer un-attended while in use.

•Dry your turkey well before frying. Water and oil don’t mix.

•Have a dry-chemical, general-purpose fire extinguisher at the ready in the event of a fire.


•Ensure your car is in good condition, especially tires.

•Get plenty of rest before hitting the roads for a long drive

•Never drink and drive

•Avoid driving distractions such as texting.

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