James R. Ammons

James R. Ammons

Governor Jan Brewer on Jan. 10 announced the appointment of James R. Ammons to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission.

“A third-generation Yuma native and avid outdoorsman, James is well-versed both in business and wildlife issues,” said Governor Brewer. “His diverse background and passion for preserving Arizona wildlife, habitats and resources will be a significant asset to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission.”

Mr. Ammons has owned and operated Yuma-based transportation service, River Cities Adjusters, since 1978. He previously was a board member of AEA Federal Credit Union (1981-94) and Yuma Valley Rod and Gun Club (2007, 2010), which he also served as President (2004-06, 2008-09). In this role, Mr. Ammons was in charge of implementing multiple annual waterhole development projects in cooperation with the Arizona Game and Fish Department; contributed to various wildlife conservation initiatives, including Sonoran Pronghorn recovery projects and Kofa Mountains Bighorn Sheep herd concerns; was involved in BLM Recreation Management planning; and played an instrumental role in implementing policy and bylaw changes that allowed membership for women after 70 years of operation.

He is a member of several Arizona wildlife associations -- including Arizona Antelope Foundation; Arizona Mule Deer Association; Arizona Elk Society; and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation -- and is a life member of the Wild Sheep Foundation; Grand Slam Club; Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society; and Yuma Valley Rod and Gun Club, where he was named Sportsman of the Year (2010). He attended the University of Arizona.

Mr. Ammons has been appointed for a five-year term, effective January 20, 2014.

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