Bill Garner

Bill Garner

Ballots are still being counted in the Oro Valley Town Council Primary Election. 

With six candidates running, three seats are to be filled on the Council, as incumbent Bill Garner is up for reelection, incumbent Steve Solomon is running for his first official term after being appointed 18 months ago, and Councilman Barry Gillaspie declined to run for reelection.

As of 2:00 p.m., the polls show Bill Garner leading the way with 5,576 votes. Newcomer Brendan Burns trails Garner, with 5,067 votes, and Mike Zinkin comes in third with 4,975 votes.

Rounding out the bottom three are Steve Solomon, with 4,285 votes, Mark Napier with 3,521 votes, and Fred Narcaroti with 2,147 votes. 45 write-in votes were also cast.

As it sits, Garner, Burns and Zinkin have each claimed a Council seat with no need for a General Election, as each candidate received more than the required 50 percent plus one vote of the total ballots cast.

Interim Town Manager, Greg Caton, said he does not expect the final tallies to drastically affect the current outcome. If Burns, Zinkin, and Garner win the election, they will take their Council seats on June 6. 

Should a General Election be required, it will be held on May 15. The last day to register to vote in the General Election is April 16, and ballots will begin to be sent out to registered voters via mail on April 19.

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