Residents of Northwest Tucson now have a unique outdoor shopping experience available with the Earth Made Farmer’s Market, located at The Highlands at Dove Mountain.

Initiated in October, the outdoor market offers a variety of home-baked and homegrown goods, supplied courtesy of restaurant owners, farmers, ranchers, and residents. 

“The rules are a little more relaxed in that people can bring their home-baked goods to the market,” said Ed Dubis, who initiated the market, the most recent to hit the Northwest side.

Those bringing home-baked goods are asked to use low preservatives.

About 30 vendors from all over Southern Arizona typically participate in the market, which takes place each Thursday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

The list of offerings is extensive: fruits, vegetables, jellies, pork, breads, salsa, tortillas, kettle corn, honey, and even seafood is just a glimpse of what is available under the vendors’ canopies.

We pretty much have the whole spectrum,” said Dubis, 

Dubis added that the market comes with a feel of the olden days.

“It’s a bit of a throwback,” he said. People can really get to know personally the person who is selling them their food. As I like to say, they can put a face to the food, and these people guarantee their products.”

A few vendors even offer their crafts, such as jewelry and metalwork, though the focus is mainly on food.

“We are a bit limited on space, so we do tend to stick to more of a true farmer’s market, and not as many arts and crafts,” said Dubis. 

The location at Dove Mountain was chosen for the aesthetic beauty of the surrounding mountains and the fact not many grocery stores are within proximity to the Dove Mountain neighborhoods. 

“There aren’t a lot of grocery stores nearby, and our foods tend to be fresher and more authentic than what is at the store,” said Dubis. “Plus, it will save people a trip into town.”

Aileen Fundingsland, Activities Director at The Highlands, said the market has seen a steady customer base, though she hopes it continues to grow.

“It’s a bit new, so we are really trying to get the word out to people that this is available at Dove Mountain,” she said. “It does seem like people are interested in it though, and a lot of people from the Northwest side go to the east side for their markets, and now they don’t have to.”

For more information about the Earth Made Farmer’s Markets, or about how to become a vendor, contact Ed Dubis at 520-603-8116 or

The market will be closed this Thursday for Thanksgiving.

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