Missing Tucson girl

Isabel Mercedes Celis

Photo provided by Tucson Police Department

The parents of missing Tucson 6-year-old Isabel Celis appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” this morning, pleading with the public not to lose hope in finding their daughter.

Isabel has been missing for 13 days, as Tucson Police work with multiple agencies to check on tips and sort out what happened on April 21 when Isabel was put to bed around 11 p.m., and found missing around 8 a.m. the following morning.

When asked to describe Isabel, Beck Celis said her daughter is a girly girl.

“She loves to her makeup on and paint her nails,” she said. “She’s a very caring young girl.”

On Wednesday, Sergio Celis, Isabel’s father returned to the family home near Broadway and Craycroft. Sergio said police had him go through the steps leading up to putting Isabel to bed on April 21.

Tucson police say the parents are cooperating with the investigation.

The parents said while they understand the police are investigating, they are growing more frustrated with the process.

“It is frustrating to understand why this is happening,” Sergio said. “Why is Isabella being targeted?”

Sergio said there have been no ransom demands, but the family has the money ready if that becomes the case.

Tucson Police have notified the Mexican authorities, and Isabel’s photo is being handed out across the border.

Becky and Sergio said they are getting updates, but noted there are some things police aren’t sharing with them.

“Investigators talk to us, but there’s only some things they can tell us. But, wer’re getting desperate,” Sergio said.

The parents said they feel police are wasting time by investigating them, but noted they understand that’s part of the process.

As the interview was winding down, Becky and Sergio urged the public to continue praying for Isabel’s safe return.

Benefit concert planned

A benefit concert for the Isabel Mercedes Celis Fund at TMCF will be held Sunday, May 6, at 7:30 p.m. at Catalina United Methodist Church, located at 2700 E. Speedway.

Isabel's father, Sergio Celis, is a member of many musical organizations in Arizona, and his Tucson musical family wants to raise funds for the support of Sergio and his family as they continue the search for their daughter.

Sergio has expressed interest in singing at this concert and his family have expressed interest in their attendance. The concert will include choral and operatic selections by Bach, Copland, Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, and more.

The concert is free to the public, and all donations will go to the Tucson Medical Center Foundation, Isabel Mercedes Celis Fund.

Wear purple to show support for the Celis family and finding Isabel.

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