Law Enforcement Wives Club

It is hard for anyone other than the spouse of a police officer to understand the stress and hardships that comes with being the supporter of someone who puts their lives in danger for the greater good of the public day after day.

For many wives, to have a group available to talk to that understand is very important. The Law Enforcement Wives Club (LEWC, pronounced “Lucy”) provides that outlet.

LEWC crosses the line between Norman Rockwell and The Walking Dead.  A conversation that started with discussing the rising cost of kids’ soccer camp can segue into the best method of cleaning blood stains from polyester. Nothing is off limits, and “not normal” is normal.

The idea for LEWC came about in 2007, when three cops’ wives felt there was a lack of social interaction between the law enforcement agencies in Pima County. Additionally, there was not enough cross-agency assistance when tragedy struck. While there are other public service organizations that provide assistance to law enforcement families in dire times, most of these organizations come from outside the Pima County area. LEWC wanted to make the assistance provided more personal and immediate.

“Helping our own” should apply to everyone who puts on a badge and goes into the night.

LEWC members are all spouses of law enforcement officers. “Wives” club is actually a misnomer, because any significant other of a certified peace officer in Pima County is welcome to join. Currently there are more than 100 members representing six law enforcement agencies in Pima County.

The primary function of LEWC is to provide a support network to help out law enforcement families during times of need. Recently when an officer was involved in a hit and run collision, LEWC brought a check to the family to help with the immediate costs. Another officer’s home caught fire, and LEWC provided gift cards to help the family out until they could return to their home.

To join LEWC, visit

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