Sew Busy Cut-Ups

Yolanda Niemann is a Sew Busy Cut-Ups star, having made about 80 pillowcase dresses with the SaddleBrooke club.

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A member of SaddleBrooke’s Sew Busy Cut-Ups club has become a star in community service. 

Yolanda Niemann, the club’s community service coordinator of the club, has been recognize by her peers for having sewn about 80 “pillowcase” dresses this year as well as 45 children’s skirts and tops. 

Her creations are all individualized with different fabrics and lace, and many have embroidery designs. They will be given to SaddleBrooke’s Community Outreach office. Club members are always fascinated when Yolanda shows her creations during the show-and-share time.

Yolanda gives credit to the club in helping to sew many projects, which are donated to various community groups.

For the military, Sew Busy Cut-Ups have produced 300 helmet cooler liners, 200 neck coolers, and toiletry bags. The VA hospital received lap robes for its patients. 

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office was supplied with quilts, pillowcases, stuffed toys, knit caps and totes to use when children are involved with relocations.

Yolanda and her husband, Dave, moved to SaddleBrooke six years ago, and Dave is very proud of Yolanda’s involvement with the Sew Busy Cut-Up’s club.  

The couple also works at the Catalina State Park with the Naturalist View to exhibit wildlife. Yolanda has sewn totes for the volunteers to wear and the park to sell.

Yolanda has never seen a child wearing one of her many creations but she is sure the child has a big smile and a feeling of confidence that wearing a one-of-a-kind creation skirt or dress brings.

That is the real satisfaction she receives for her hard work.

The sewing club meets every Monday from 9 a.m. to noon in the SaddleBrooke Arts/Crafts Building, room 4. The co-leaders are Brenda Somers and Linda Monroe. 

The club meets once a month for a community service day, when the various items are sewn. Usually there is a demonstration class on the other Mondays, where members can sew in class, or take notes and sew at home. 

This especially helps the novice sewer to master how to operate a sewing machine, serger, and embroidery machine. The more experienced seamstresses enjoy reinforcing their skills or learning new techniques.

If you’re interested in the Sew Busy Cut-Ups club, stop in and observe or call Brenda at 818-0559.

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