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The Town of Oro Valley is in the early stages of collecting community feedback for its updated General Plan, set for adoption in 2016. 

During what is a two-year process leading to the plan’s adoption, town staff will continue efforts with its “Your Voice, Our Future” project team to identify the needs of community members when it comes to things such as land use, recreation, transportation, public safety, town services, and more. 

State law requires a General Plan update every 10 years. Oro Valley Communications Administrator Misti Nowak says a lot has changed since the plan was last adopted in 2005.

“Exactly 74 percent of our town is under the age of retirement based on a 2010 census,” she said.

Consequently, the input from a younger demographic is more important than ever, she adds.

“Folks that are civically engaged tend to be a little older, so we’re having to go out into the community to find working parents, the younger demographics, and ensure their feedback is part of this,” she said.

The town recently conducted a community phone survey, the results of which will be presented to council in a Nov. 20 town hall meeting. 

The “Your Voice, Our Future” project team has also been working with community events to gather input. 

“It’s important to know that while a lot of times the town’s final audience is council because they’re the decision making body, the decision makers in this are the voters,” said Town Manager Greg Caton. 

Residents can submit their opinions in an online survey at Those wishing to share thoughts in person can call 229-4800 or email to set up a meeting.

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