Sunflower Arts and Crafts Club

The Sunflower Arts and Crafts Club presents $1,000 to Roadrunner Elementary School. Pictured from left to right: Club Secretary Velma Whittingham, Outgoing President Chris Naughton, Principal Elizabeth Armenta, Incoming President, Jeanne Collins, and member Evelyn Moore.

Lori Mervin/The Explorer

Members of Continental Ranch Sunflower’s Arts and Crafts Club donated $1,000 to the teachers of Roadrunner Elementary School in Marana, on Dec. 12.

The club has been around since the establishment of their Del Webb community in 1998, but they took Roadrunner Elementary on as a permanent project three years ago.

“Each year we do something different to make something for the students, and to donate to the school,” said club secretary Velma Whittingham.

One of the ways the club donates to Roadrunner is by raising proceeds during their annual arts and crafts festival. This year, the festival was held in the Sunflower community in November, during which businesses like Nana’s Kitchen, Sunflower Market, Safeway, Creative Hair, Coachline Nails, and My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, donated gift certificates.

The club in turn raffled off the gift certificates. Attendance was at nearly 500 people, raising $1,000 for Roadrunner.

Last year, the club raised enough money so that every student would receive a book. This year, the money is expected to go towards a Christmas party for the teachers of Roadrunner Elementary.

“This has been a very fun project,” said member Evelyn Moore, who writes the newsletter for the club. “We are retired so we don’t really need anything. It’s time to give to others.”

 In addition to presenting the check, members also donated boxes of pencils with felt-like characters attached to the erasers. They made enough so that each student at Roadrunner would receive a pencil.

Collins attributed Bobby Pryor, a dedicated club member, as having made the majority of them.

The Sunflower Arts and Crafts Club meets every Monday to work on different projects for the community. On an average week, 12-15 members of the Sunflower community participate in making the crafts, knowing that their efforts are leading to good causes.

“Everything our crafts club does is on a donation basis for the community,” said incoming club president, Jeanne Collins.

Principal Elizabeth Armenta formally thanked all the club members after they presented her with the check, as she said; “On behalf of Roadrunner Elementary, we thank you for all your support. Everything you do is so important. Our kids appreciate everything, and so does our staff. I brag about Sunflower to everyone in the district all the time. We are so lucky to have you.”

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