Mountain View High School held their first ever College Signing Day to honor seniors who will be moving on to colleges, trade schools, internships and the military. Nearly 275 students took part in the ceremony.

After a brief speech by Mountain View Principal Todd Garelick, the students were honored.

“I couldn’t be more excited and proud of what we are doing today and what you have accomplished and where you guys are going,” Garelick told the students at the event. “This is a great day and we could not be happier.”

The video board showed the logo of each individual school and listed the students who were planning on attending that college. 

The students were called up by school and handed a certificate. By the end of the procession the 275 students were on stage where they posed for pictures, including a few selfies by the school staff.

More than 20 four-year, two-year and trade schools were represented, as were four different internship opportunities and each of the four branches of the military. Pima Community College led the way with 97 students, followed by the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona, which are slated to have 65 and 48 students attend, respectively.

Mountain View Principal Todd Garelick said the event was inspired by similar events at other schools. When they first heard of the idea school officials rushed to put the event together.

“Around the country schools have taken part in this college signing day,” Garelick said. “We heard about this event a few months ago and knew immediately we needed to do this.”

Garelick used to be the school’s athletic director and said the ceremony was also inspired by letter of intent signing ceremonies held for student-athletes who accept athletic scholarships.

“We have always celebrated our student athletes when they sign their letters of intent, but we have never recognized all of you for all of the accomplishments that you have had and that you’ve made those next steps in your academic career or military service,” Garelick said.

The school is planning on making this an annual event and would like to see it grow.

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