1st and Oracle

1st and Oracle

On Monday, July 22, the portion of 1st Avenue that extends east from Oracle Road will be permanently closed. After the closure, motorists driving to and from the La Reserve residential area will use La Reserve Drive exclusively.

To prepare motorists for the impending changes, electronic message boards will be placed in the closure area beginning July 8.

Once the roadway is closed, the Arizona Department of Transportation will monitor the intersection of Oracle Road and La Reserve to ensure efficient flow of traffic. This includes adjusting the existing traffic signal timing as needed.

The 1st Avenue extension lies on private property within a temporary easement, and closure has always been part of the long-term plan for the area. The private property, referred to as San Dorado, is in the planning stages for development by Kitchell Development Company.

The closure entails the removal of the road that currently connects Oracle Road to La Reserve Drive. A new roadway will be constructed within the San Dorado development to serve future businesses and residents.

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Its unfortunate that the current road couldn't somehow have been incorportated into the new design of the business complex. I wonder if the town could have subsidized the continued existence of the road, and perhaps the architects could have designed the buildings over the road, or lowered the grade of the road below the buildings. That little two lane road is how a lot of people get into the La Reserve community, plus it makes it quicker for firefighters and police to get back there in an emergency.

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