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Democrats criticize voting law that is said to help the Republican Party


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MarinerDaddy: You've got to be kidding me. Democrats complaining of laws that favor Republicans. I guess they just admitted that mail in voting favors Democrats. I know it does and it invites fraud that ALWAYS favors the Democrats.

Thursday, June 20, 2013, 3:59 pm

John Flanagan

John Flanagan: Most of us realize, but Democratic Party strategists would deny, that the Dems prefer elections which allow them the wiggle room to get more votes through the system by any means possible, including reduced oversight, sloppy verification, minimal voter ID laws, etc. Voter drives and campaigns of calculated dishonesty used effectively in populist Democratic Party dominated cities and regions has enabled them to win elections even in situations where scandals, corruption, and mismanagement would seemingly throw them out of office in normal situations.
While Republicans are not as pure as the driven snow in their own electioneering, they are usually more willing to play by the rules. The Republicans are more earnest about keeping elections honest than the Democrats. The Democrats usually want the system to have open fissures which can be utilized to increase votes, including inelligible long as they vote Democrat.
As an independent conservative, I must admit I do not vote for Democrats, primarily because this is the party of progressives, abortionists, proponents of same sex marriage, radical academics, the leftist media, Hollywood; and the big tent party doesn't care a twit about, nor does it care to include conservative Americans, Christians, free thinkers, and those who prefer limited and less intrusive government.
Conservative pro-life Republicans who share Christian values and speak clearly about the issues will get my vote, but it is feared that the Republicans, always maligned by the mainstream media, will continue to be mauled until the GOP abandons the shrinking conservative base. It will begin to move center left to survive the demographic tidal wave of illegal immigrants about to be granted amnesty and to appease the expanding progressive youthful voter bloc Obama lures via social media.
The sad irony is that much of the money spent on Republican campaigns will be of little use if the mindset of a majority of voters seems to be on the progressive side of politics, because if this is the case, even the worst publicized scandals of this administration will not drive the Democrats out of power. The major media,except FOX, will continue to give them smoke and cover, and the hearts and minds of the electorate will be swayed by anti-Republican arguments used since the days of Lincoln.
So the Democrats are complaining about the Republicans having some election advantage, but they do so with a grin,because the demographics are in their favor as Arizona grows.....with liberals from the east, from California, from the Midwest, continue to move here....and with amnesty for illegals coming soon.....just do the math.

Thursday, June 20, 2013, 10:14 am

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