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Let freedom ring

Northwest Tucson prepares for weekend celebrationS

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  • John J Flanagan posted at 3:08 pm on Sat, Jul 2, 2011.

    John J Flanagan Posts: 33

    Beyond the festive celebrations characteristic of the 4th of July, one must look at the heart and soul of our nation on this date and time in our history.
    Plagued by political divisions, costly foreign wars, threats of terrorism at home, economic distress, catastrophic natural events and floods, we must realistically look at ourselves and renew our commitment to the present and the future.
    As a Christian and the editor and publisher of the Oro Valley Christian Reader, I am particularly troubled by the moral decline of our country, the vulgarization of our media and people, and the blatant anti-Christian sentiment we are seeing. Related to free speech and viewpoint expression, constitutional rights, we are now seeing attacks against references to God made by graduating students from our schools, as if such free speech is offensive and illegal?
    It was recently reported that the Houston National VA cemetery's anti-Christian director has ordered that references to God and to Jesus Christ are not permitted during VA funerals. This policy is now under review following numerous complaints by the VFW and other organizations.
    As we look at our land today, how can this be? The blood shed by Christian men and women who were killed in America's wars over the years, their love of freedom and liberty, family, and country unquestioned. Yet, a minority of progressives and groups like the Civil Liberties Union seek to deprive our people of the right to express freely their religious faith.
    As I look at the fourth of July this year, I wonder how long before these same groups move further along in their agenda, to render the Christian faith illegal, to suppress speech, except what the ACLU and these groups consider correct and authorized.
    As a former combat Marine Sgt who fought in Vietnam, I fear that the blood shed by my fellow servicemen and women will have been shed in vain if the political agenda being promoted today continues. We must value our free speech, our religious freedom, our Constitutional rights as a free people, or we will lose them. God bless our land, and may He turn around hearts that are blind to the assaults against our liberty. There is much at stake, as America moves forward this 4th of July.


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