Northwest Fire District firefighters responded to the Honey baked Ham store located at 7090 N. Oracle road at 0538 after an automatic fire alarm activation was received. The first arriving engine company arrived within 6 minutes to find an audible alarm sounding, flooding from the front door from the automatic sprinkler systems that had been activated and smoke also coming from the entry way. A full alarm was requested which brought three additional engine companies, a ladder company and support units to the scene.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department was also at the scene and evacuated several construction workers working on a suite next door to the Honey baked Ham store. The Honey Baked Ham store was closed at the time and there were no employees in the store at the time of the incident as well.

Crews made access into the store and found a fire behind a large refrigerator unit. The fire was kept in check by the activated sprinkler system and crews extinguished the remaining hot spots. The attic space and surrounding walls were opened up and a Thermal Imaging Camera was used to check for extended fire and smoldering insulation. The fire was placed under control in 11 minutes after the entry into the building.

Investigators at the scene have determined the cause of the fire to be an electrical malfunction related to the refrigerator unit. This is a large commercial unit that was used to store the ham products. Damages including the refrigerator were estimated to be approximately $20,000. The store will remain closed until repairs to electrical issues can be made; clean-up completed as well as a health department inspection which is a standard procedure anytime there is a fire involving a food store or restaurant. The Safeway was not affected by this incident. Please call the Honey Baked Ham store for information regarding when they will reopen.

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