Give to Win

Lauren Graff, of the University Medical Center Children’s Diamond Center, accepts a large donation from Explorer Publisher Ryan Kedzierski on Dec. 21.

Thelma Grimes/Explorer Newspaper

The Explorer’s annual Give to Win contest has come to an end with a lot of happy children receiving toys at the University Medical Center Children’s Diamond Center.

Explorer Publisher Ryan Kedzierski, Managing Editor Thelma Grimes and Business Manger Jaime Hood delivered a car full of toys to the children’s hospital on Friday morning.

The big donation was made possible through the giving hearts of the Northwest communities. Besides a lot of toys, The Explorer was able to give the facility more than $300 in gift cards. Altogether, the value of the entire donation is estimated to be around $1,000.

After receiving the donations, Lauren Graff, a certified Child Life Specialist at UMC, said they would be used in a special project.

With some children having to stay in the hospital for extended periods, or be admitted frequently, Graff said it’s hard for parents to find the time to shop, especially around Christmas.

By opening a kind of store, the Children’s Center will give parents tickets, allowing them to pick out presents for their children this holiday season.

The Explorer appreciates all those who participated, and is happy to announce the winners of the drawing.

Winning the mini iPad is Liz Lakoni. Winning the necklace is Sharon Iliano. The winner of the family four-pack to visit Out of Africa in Sedona is Tiffany Kiber.

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