Kirkpatrick launches ‘AZ01 at Work’ Tour during August district work period - News - Explorer

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Kirkpatrick launches ‘AZ01 at Work’ Tour during August district work period

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan: I really hope this "AZ01 At Work" will succeed, but the sad fact is that the American economy, already teetering under the Republicans, became much worse under the free spending, never frugal Democrats. With Obamacare mandates and high corporate taxes, we are told recently that 75 percent of statistically recorded jobs are part time, and most are at Walmart, Macdonalds, and retail service sector. Most of these jobs will not support a family or individual, and people are forced to hold two or three other jobs as well.
Kirkpatrick's party has taken credit when the good years of high employment kept us rolling, yet it was the private capitalist system that was doing the real work, nothing the Democrats seem to do is right. Their mantra is socialist capitalism, where cronies are rewarded and enemies punished....Obama, in his own words, has said this, and indeed he practices it.
But the blame for high unemployment can also be placed on Republicans as well, because they follow the idea that the corporations are sacrosanct and need only be concerned about profits for a few. The workers who make the corporations and businesses profitable by their hard work are denied basic health insurance and benefits because the cost infringes on profit. But the globalization of jobs hurt us badly in the past 20 years, as many American companies shipped jobs overseas instead of trying to keep more Americans employed. Both Democrats and Republicans failed to stimulate and help American business to reduce job depletion here. Our job picture will not improve unless Republicans, Democrats, and big business get together and forget about their party's economic ideology and do some real work on getting people into jobs, particularly young people.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 9:00 am

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