Pima Community College congratulates student Gabriel Matthew Schivone for being named a finalist in a student writing contest sponsored by The Nation.

The Nation asked students to send it an original, unpublished, 800-word essay detailing what they think is the most important issue of Election 2012. The magazine received close to 1,000 submissions from high school and college students in 42 states. It chose one college and one high school winner and five finalists from each category. The contest was open to all matriculating high school students and undergraduates at American schools, colleges and universities.

Schivone's essay was titled "Give the Undocumented a Voice in the Election."

"I was delighted to hear that The Nation student essay chose my article to publicize through the contest because it means that the human stories I'm writing about - namely Latino-indigenous and undocumented people who continue to face harsh repression and discrimination by U.S./Arizona policies and social demonization by society - will receive increased publicity," Schivone said. "The more such issues enter the public sphere, the greater the opportunity for the targeted communities organizing against such oppression can reach broad public support."

As a finalist, Schivone received $200 and a lifetime subscription to The Nation. The winners each received a cash award of $1,000 and the lifetime subscription.

All the finalists are published at StudentNation. The two winners - Andrew Giambrone from Yale University and Tess Saperstein from Dreyfoos School of the Arts in Florida - will be excerpted in an upcoming issue of The Nation magazine.

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