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Oro Valley plans to spend more than $30,000 this year marketing itself with the new “It’s in our nature” tagline in various local and national media, Economic Development Manager Amanda Jacobs told a Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce gathering Tuesday at the Oro Valley Holiday Inn Express and Suites.

  “Oro Valley, it’s in our nature,” will appear in local newspapers, on the Visit Tucson website, and in trade, industry and business site selection publications, she said.

  Jacobs shared specifics of the town’s slick, new 8-page promotional folder, a document she plans to use at a national aquatics event convention this fall, as well as at bioscience and other trade shows in the next 12 months.

Oro Valley has long labeled itself a “Community of Excellence.” Other communities do the same, Jacobs said.

At Oro Valley economic summits in 2010 and 2011, business people and residents concluded “Oro Valley basically has no identity,” Jacobs said. “How do we market ourselves?”

The town then hired The Gordley Group to develop a brand and a tagline. The Gordley Group conducted listening sessions, gathering input from leaders, business people and citizens. A community survey was conducted. And “Oro Valley, it’s in our nature” was revealed nearly one year ago, projecting a dynamic community in a remarkable natural setting.

Tuesday’s audience praised the tagline and the accompanying folder, which features recreation, demographics, bioscience and high technology, education, business, quality of life, public safety, health care, golf and public art. Guests called for more specific emphasis on Oro Valley’s high-achieving schools, its rich history centered around Steam Pump Ranch, and its expanding housing opportunities.

“How do we get new residents into Oro Valley with this campaign?” asked Mindy Blake, Amphitheater School District’s new director of community relations. “Selfishly, we want to get new people to move here.”

“The image of the town, the attitude, needs to be marketed as well,” resident Bill Adler said. Oro Valley is presenting itself as a pro-business community, but that must be strongly and repeatedly stated, with help from developers to market Oro Valley as well as a stronger voice from the business community, Adler believes.

Branding is a look, a feel … and a smell. While Jacobs spoke, Oro Valley Holiday Inn Express and Suites general manager Jim Miskulin unwrapped a just-arrived canister of fragrance that is the company’s official scent. It was being installed with a small fan in the lobby of the Steam Pump Village property.

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