Nakoma Sky

Though the completed property is still several years away, the Nakoma Sky facility has already generated a fair amount of resident interest, both from within and outside of Oro Valley.

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Celebrating 30 years of sustained growth and success within Green Valley, the La Posada senior living community recently began site work at its second campus, Nakoma Sky in Oro Valley.

Located on 77 acres north of North Oracle Road, southeast of North First Avenue, the not-for-profit retirement community will include more than 200 independent living, apartment-style units, 48 assisted-living suites, enhanced assisted living options and a memory care facility. In addition to residential accommodations, Nakoma Sky’s design includes hiking trails, a bike path, commercial space for “unique artisan” vendors and more.

According to Nakoma Sky Director of Sales Tim Carmichael, La Posada’s executive staff has been interested in finding a new location for roughly a decade, and has spent the last several years developing the concept for Oro Valley. Carmichael said the two communities share several key characteristics and demographics, and the proximity to La Posada meant the new campus would have easy access to three decades of experience and resources.

“We realized that we could do it here the way that La Posada has done for the past thirty years,” Carmichael said. 

The development of the Nakoma Sky property did face some push back from residents who were concerned that the five-story building design would impact views for neighbors and of some of the site’s layout. The Planned Area Development for the property was approved by town council in January, 2015, though amendments were submitted and approved by council that November.

According to town documents related to council’s 2015 amendment vote, changes in the site design included considerations for grade-change across the property to allow for the completed buildings to be lower in elevation, reduction of fifth-story mass, improvements in roof variations and clumping of building layouts, among other considerations. The amendments did reduce some architectural detailing and landscaping, however.

“The executive staff went in with a design, and what has emerged from the interplay with the community, the architects and everything involved – the result is by far a better product than what we initially went in with,” Carmicheal said. “I think that over time, just as La Posada grew into the community it’s in, the intention is to operate in the same way. We are going to be very community-oriented, and very involved with the community as we are in Green Valley, and I think we will see the relationship emerge in a very positive way at the site.”

Nakoma Sky is slated for completion toward the end of 2019, though spaces within the community are already in short supply. As of July, Carmichael said that roughly 90 percent of the independent, apartment style homes are reserved – though he encouraged any interested parties to remain in contact with staff. Once fully occupied, Nakoma Sky is expected to house between 300 and 400 residents.

“We can retain the people that have enriched Oro Valley’s environment and lifestyle, we can attract people that might not have otherwise come, and from the overall experience that we have, we will be able to create something that is very unique,” Carmichael said.

While work is underway at the site, Nakoma Sky has maintained an office location at 7930 N. Oracle Road, at the intersection of North Oracle and West Magee roads, within the Plaza Escondida Shopping Center.

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