Pima County on Tuesday became the first local jurisdiction to support a series of joint business objectives designed to stimulate economic activity in the region by shaping a cooperative working relationship with the private sector.

The County’s Development Services Department worked with the Tucson Metro Chamber to draft the objectives, which were approved by the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

For its part, Pima County agreed to 10 tenets. Among them:

 Ensuring a simple, predictable regulatory environment that is both efficient and non-cost prohibitive;

 Maintaining a fair system of taxation and fees that encourage businesses to start, establish, grow and remain in the County;

 Providing prompt, accurate and courteous requests for information needed to assist businesses;

 Providing a forum to appeal a denial or violation through a timely hearing or other process.

The business community, in turn, agreed to 10 tenets as well, including:

 Acknowledging that adherence to target timeframes by the County requires the applicant to do the same;

 Engaging in discussions with the County early in the project planning/design phase to identify items that may potentially result in delays;

 Ensuring that requests for information and assistance are accurate, well-defined and courteous;

 Partnering with the County to lobby the state to reduce mandates and rules that require or promote a rigid bureaucracy.

“This represents our continuing efforts to make Pima County a place where businesses will be able to expand and continue to grow,” said Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry.

Amber Smith, the executive director of the Metropolitan Pima Alliance, lauded the County for being the first local government to support the collaborative objectives. “I want to commend you for leading the effort and trying to strengthen the relationship between the business community and Pima County.”

Mike Varney, president of the Tucson Metro Chamber, said the County was a receptive partner in the effort, and already has made clear improvements based on stakeholder discussions. “We’re hoping we can convert that and future improvements into a more robust local economy,” he said.

To view the document in its entirety, please visit http://www.pima.gov/cob/e-agenda/12182012/AD2B_County%20Admin%20-%20Metro%20Chamber.pdf

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