Jason Hamilton

Rural/Metro Southern Arizona Operation’s Jason Hamilton to be honored by UAMC as one of three “Heroes of the Year,” at La Encantada on October 17th is a long time employee of Rural/Metro assigned to Southwest Ambulance Meds 843 based at Kino Hospital.

On the morning of April 21, 2013, Jason got off of his 24 hour shift after working a mass casualty incident on I-10 through the night and into the early morning hours. During Jason’s drive home he encountered a vehicle that was driving erratically on westbound Irvington Road.

Jason made the decision to follow the vehicle while contacting law enforcement on the phone, he maintained a safe distance from the vehicle in hope of preventing unsuspecting vehicles from getting too close and there being an accident.

As the vehicle passed Mission Road, he witnessed it crash into a guard rail and appeared to be hanging over the wash below. Jason approached the vehicle to find and elderly woman in need of medical attention immediately. Making a quick decision Jason decided to extricate the woman with the assistance of another bystander. When he got the car door open he found the patient condition to be worse than expected. Along with the assistance of another bystander, a registered nurse, they began CPR until the arrival of Drexel Heights Fire District to transport the woman to the hospital.

Jason made a selfless act having no hesitation to recognize and assist someone in need, was mindful of the driver as well as the safety of other citizens in the rush hour traffic. These actions have made Jason one of the Heroes of the Year, although “I did what I saw needed to be done,” says Hamilton when asked about that morning drive home from work.

We commend him for his service, his quick thinking and professional composure during a critical time and are proud to have him as part of our community and the Rural/Metro family.

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