As the 2012-year drew to a close, Catherine Reynolds and Erin Brittain were named the co-winners of the Anytime Fitness Challenge.

The yearlong challenge gave six selected participants a free gym membership and trainer at locations in Oro Valley and Marana. Of those six, Reynolds and Brittain managed to endure, and their results have proven to be the ultimate payoff.

Reynolds, who joined to feel more comfortable with her body, lost 45 pounds, and has dropped from a size 16 to an eight.

“This challenge has definitely changed my life, but more than that, it has changed my family’s,” said Reynolds. “My children now recognize the importance of diet and an active lifestyle. And now I will be able to experience it with them.”

Reynolds said she will continue to pursue fitness, and will set small goals as she goes along.

“I will never again buy a larger size,” she said. “If something doesn’t fit, I will focus on my diet and exercise again to fit back into it.”

Brittain, a stay-at-home mother of seven, lost 74 pounds, 54 inches, 20 percent body fat, and is down from a size 20 to a size 12.

“This challenge changed my life because it helped me be successful in an area that I had failed in for 20 years, which is getting healthy and fit,” said Brittain. “I had been overweight for so long and had tried many, many years to eat healthy and exercise with no success. Having a trainer and the accountability and education he provided was the key. It is still difficult at times, but now I am feeling so good that I will never go back to my old habits.”

Mike Urbanski, owner of the Anytime Fitness on Oracle Road where Reynolds and Brittain worked out, was so impressed with the duo’s efforts that he decided to go above and beyond in rewarding them.

“When we first started, we were going to give the winner a $500 Visa gift card to buy a new wardrobe, but because we selected two winners who both worked so hard, we split that $250 each,” he said. “We also gave them another free year of membership. We’re very proud of what they’ve done. They’ve been so self-motivated and self-disciplined. It was a nice celebration, and they deserved it.”

Reynolds and Brittain recognize their accomplishments didn’t come without the support of the Anytime Fitness staff.

“It is incredible how supportive the entire gym, especially the Urbanski family, has been,” said Reynolds. “I truly believe the Anytime Fitness on Oracle is the best gym in Tucson and it is

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