Amy and Dallin Wengert

Amy and Dallin Wengert were married six months ago and living in Utah where Dallin would soon start veterinarian school. In May, their lives changed when Dallin was hit by an SUV driving. Dallin is no longer in a coma and improving, but looking at a long road of recovery.

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Married six months ago and heading to veterinary school at Utah State University, Dallin Wengert a 2008 graduate from Marana High School, was living a happy life until a mis-timed turn at an intersection took his life in an entirely new direction.

On Thursday, May 30 Dallin was heading to work at Utah State University farm when he mis-timed taking a left turn at an intersection and was hit on the passenger side by an SUV, which was traveling 60 miles-per-hour. 

Amy, Dallin’s wife, was following in a car behind him and saw the accident occur. He was rushed to Logan Hospital and then flown to McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah. He stayed there until being transferred on June 14 to a hospital in Phoenix. Before being transferred Dallin had been in a coma for many days.

On a Facebook page, Pray for Dallin and Amy Wengert, updates are posted regularly to inform friends and family how Dallin is doing. Recently, it said he was awake, alert and able to mouth words. Even with such progress it said that mentally he was that of a 5-year-old. He was unable to move his left leg and holding his head up was difficult. He continues to do physical therapy and is expected to continue as this will lead towards, what his family hopes, is a full recovery. 

Dallin, the third oldest, in a line of eight children, is the son of Clayton and Laura Wengert. Clayton owns his own veterinarian office in Marana and has lived in the area since 1989, where the family has been an integral part of the community. 

Laura commented on June 24 about Dallin’s condition and how the family is doing.

“We have our good days and our bad days. He’s really, really improving and we really hope he’s going to walk. His memory and cognitive is coming back slowly,” said Laura. “It went from him being in a coma to no hope to catastrophic to now where he is in neurorehabilitation. We’re just ecstatic he’s alive.”

The local community has shown immeasurable amounts of support to the Wengert family. Fundraisers, cards and visits have all been a means of helping the family through this difficult time. Laura said the family is extremely grateful and speechless as to how much love they have received.

“Words can’t even express. The outpouring has made all the difference. It’s the worst imaginable thing but then you see the good,” said Laura. “We’re going to keep looking at the positive and how far he’s come and how well he is doing. We can’t begin to thank everyone for all they’ve done.”

Megan McGee, a close family friend of the Wengert’s, showed her support by putting on a pizza benefit at three local Pizza Hut locations. Twenty percent of the proceeds, which totaled to $1,500 went to the Wengert family.

“Overall it went really well,” said McGee. “Growing up they were like a second family to me so they hold a very special place in my heart.”

Now looking forward to the future, the Wengert’s are hopeful for the recovery of Dallin. “We hope to see him recover, go to school and come back to Marana and take over his father’s veterinarian practice,” Laura said.

“The sky is the limit for him,” said Laura. “We have a motto for him that we often say which is ‘come what may and love it’. Meaning that whatever comes our way we will accept it and love it.”

Dallin is currently receiving treatment at Barrows Neurological Institute in Phoenix.

For information on how to donate to the family, visit the website at

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