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Oro Valley Public Library, the gem of the community

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  • OroValleyCitizen posted at 3:04 pm on Wed, Dec 28, 2011.

    OroValleyCitizen Posts: 1


    Haven't we had this discussion numerous times with our town officials? Perhaps we will have to have it again!


    It is the ONE thing in the town that not only has superior services (as compared to the county) but in comparison to other Libraries in my travels is one of the best. I can't understand the ill logic behind the Town of Oro Valley wanting to give it away!!!!

    I don't understand the council's mentality and thought processes. What logic are they using? It seems to me that our council-members are NOT listening to the constituents (including myself) who voted them in.

    I was there during the meetings with Coyote Run and to say I was disappointed is an understatement. Why have I not seen anything on an agenda for Town Council about the Library? Does our opinions not matter anymore?

    Who is heading this up? Certainly NOT the Mayor based on his comments in this article. So who is new...well, perhaps the Town Manager. Or should I say Interim Town Manager. Do we have to educate him as well? How many times do we do this???

    I ask that you think about this before you make a huge mistake and give away such a valuable asset to the citizens of Oro Valley.

    Thank you "Tortolita" for bringing this to our attention!!!!

  • Tortolita posted at 11:07 am on Wed, Dec 28, 2011.

    Tortolita Posts: 2

    Someone needs to look into why the Town of Oro Valley is in the process of "giving away" this Library in a secret backroom deal. Public scrutiny twice before has laid out
    many reasons why the Town Leaders need to protect the
    taxpayers investment in this signature asset. Even the employees at Pima County Libraries wish they had the same environment Oro Valley has. (No, BOS Elias- its not because they are elitist- the residents of OV understand the value of the services)

    One has to wonder after the Coyote Run situation, and now this; what is next? The County has a Parks Department- give that back. The County has a Sheriff's Department- merge OVPD back in too. You don't have to be a long term Tucson area resident to recognize all the
    financial bungling going on with the City of Tucson and Pima County governments. (just this MONTH you have
    Parking, Rio Nuevo, and the joint Courthouse)

    Is this the slippery slope towards dis-incorporation, or
    is Oro Valley trying to become "East Tortolita?" (the
    non-government government movement)

    Marana seems to understand its destiny, and is fighting the County tooth and nail. (over water/ sewer)

    Has newcomer from Colorado, Town Mgr. Caton, been brought in as a hatchet man to do the bidding of Council members unhappy with the public's input; or is he a dupe
    who will be the fall guy, who will take the "blame," and run
    off with his golden parachute?

    Who needs D.C. scandals when we got one going right here?


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