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Policy change at The Golden Goose


The Golden Goose Thrift Shop is now accepting and picking up clothing donations and would like to share what happens to those donations. 

The Golden Goose Thrift Shop divides 100 percent of its profits solely between Catalina Community Services and SaddleBrooke Community Outreach, two local non-profit charities that provide services to children, families and seniors in the nearby local area.  

 Clothing is the Golden Goose’s second-biggest seller with furniture coming in at number one.  Clothing donations that do not meet certain criteria for sale at the Goose are taken to Catalina Community Services on a daily basis.  On average, one third of clothing donations are saleable at the Goose and two thirds of all clothing donations are sent on to Catalina Community Services (CCS).  Clothing that meets CCS criteria is available for clients at the CCS Clothing Bank.  Clothing that is unsuitable for its clothing bank is sold by CCS to Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

Clothing donations made to the Golden Goose translate into a winning scenario for Catalina Community Services, SaddleBrooke Community Outreach and the customers of the Golden Goose Thrift Shop.  CCS receives clothing for its Clothing Bank clients.  Both CCS and Outreach share in Goose profits to fund their local charitable programs.  And lastly, Golden Goose customers receive discounts on gently used clothing.

Golden Goose would like to thank all of our generous donors and ask that they continue.