Mike Zinkin

 Mike Zinkin

Chris Flora/The Explorer

Petitions to recall Oro Valley Councilman Mike Zinkin were not submitted by the 5 p.m. deadline on Feb. 11.

Oro Valley Town Clerk Julie Bower confirmed the petitions that were originally taken out by a group known as Oro Valley Citizens for Ethical Government did not meet the deadline to submit more than 2,000 signatures, which is what was required to recall Zinkin.

The citizen’s group accused Zinkin of misconduct after allegations of sexual harassment from two female employees surfaced, and the Oro Valley Police Officers Union filed a harassment complain as well.

Zinkin said the allegations were unfair, and while he meant no disrespect to the female employees accusing him of sexual harassment, he has apologized.

The citizen’s group was not the only ones pushing to have Zinkin face a recall election. Fellow council members also spoke out against the first-term council member.

Mayor Satish Hiremath wrote an Op Ed that appeared in The Explorer in December, and council members Mayor Snider and Joe Hornat also said Zinkin’s conduct does not make him fit to serve on the Oro Valley council.

In an interview prior to the Feb. 11 deadline, Zinkin said the efforts by fellow council members to get him recalled does nothing but hurt Oro Valley’s reputation, noting that it could stall economic development if developers see that the local council can’t get along.

While the recall election is not moving forward, four council members are up for reelection in 2014.

Hiremath, Snider, Hornat and Councilman Lou Waters are up for reelection.

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Mr. Zinkin survived his recall sham. The 4 that started this witchhunt won't be so fortunate at election time.

John Flanagan

The lack of petitions reflects Oro Valley resident disgust with the recall action, insufficient evidence, and the desire to have this internal squabbling stopped. It is time to focus on important town business and avoid these tiresome disputes, and I hope the future will be one of cooperation, not division.

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