Cash mobs are about to hit Oro Valley and (hopefully) change the way people view local businesses. That's the aim of this new phenomenon, which is spreading across the country.Similar to flash mobs, cash mobs organize customers to spend money at businesses to support their community.

In an effort to expand the existing Shop Oro Valley Campaign and Business Retention and Expansion Program, the Town of Oro Valley and the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce partnered to launch OV Cash Mob. The first event will be held Thursday, March 21 at 4 p.m. Participants, or "mobbers," are asked to meet at Town Hall, located at 11000 N. La Canada Drive, where the first business will be announced.

OV Cash Mob utilizes Twitter (@OVCashMob), Facebook, email subscriptions and text messages to inform participants of meeting places and times.

"We've heard of flash mobs, where people randomly appear and break into elaborate dance routines. Instead of breaking into a dance move, we are asking our residents and visitors to flash open their wallets and support Oro Valley businesses," said Oro Valley Mayor Dr. Satish I. Hiremath.

Businesses are selected at random, and participants do not know what business they will be mobbing until everyone shows up at the meeting place. Mobbers are asked to spend at least $15 at the location, and after shopping, are encouraged to congregate at a nearby eatery to chat about the event and meet new friends.

Following the March 21 OV Cash Mob, mobbers are invited to attend the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce's mixer at the Quality Inn and Suites, located at 7411 N. Oracle.

"Cash Mob accomplishes several objectives," said Chamber President/CEO Dave Perry. "It raises awareness of local businesses and what they offer, and it keeps money circulating in Oro Valley. Add on the social and networking opportunities at our mixer that evening, and we'll have a fun, valuable time."

In addition to helping businesses succeed, the decision to shop locally impacts each member of the Oro Valley community. Sales tax collections for fiscal year 2012/13 were approximately $11.5 million. 100% of that money goes directly toward public safety, new parks, trails, services and facilities.

For more information, contact Oro Valley Economic Development Manager Amanda Jacobs, at

(520) 229-4735 or

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