Naranja Park

As of 10:19 p.m. the tally for the Naranja Park bond vote sits at 11,565 against, 4,504 for.

Update 1:

Early voting numbers are in on Proposition 454, and the Naranja Park bond does not seem to have the needed support to pass.

As of 8:04 p.m., Pima County Election Department results list the Prop. 454 results as follows: 10,209 against, 4,050 for.

After months of campaigning, letter writing and debating, the voting public of Oro Valley will have its say on the future of development at the Naranja Park site.

The Oro Valley Town Council voted unanimously to send Proposition 454, the $17 million bond question, to the Nov. 7 ballot during the May 3 meeting. A then-potential bond plan originated from the Feb. 15 council session, at which a desire for expanded facilities at the park was expressed by dozens of youth athletes, their parents and coaches.

The project details are taken from the 2015 Naranja Park Master Plan, the full build out of which would cost $33 million.  Proposition 454 is a scaled back version of the master plan, and includes  a four-field baseball/softball complex, three multi-sports fields, parking lots, batting cages, a multi-use path and a playground. 

If approved, $17 million in general obligation bonds will be issued, paid for by a secondary property tax that sunsets after 20 years. The estimated average property tax rate is about $4.50 per month for a homeowner whose home is valued at $250,000, or $39.95 per month per $1.2 million in assessed valuation for commercial properties. Though the bond is listed at $17 million ($300,000 in bond issuance costs), the total cost to taxpayers will be roughly $27 million including interest.

Election results


Vote: Total: Percent: 
Yes 4,504 28.03
No  11,565 71.97

Editor's note: This page will update with election results as they are made available.

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