Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Hannah Radtke paints one of the eight new trashcans that her and the rest of the members of Troop 1084 helped convince the Town of Oro Valley to purchase for Steam Pump Ranch.

photo courtesy of The Town of Oro Valley/Lou Waters

Girl Scouts Troop 2164 of Oro Valley will begin construction on a monument to honor and raise awareness about wildlife issues. Located at the Steam Pump Ranch, the monument will include animal cut outs, inspirational quotes about wildlife and a registry for visitors to log comments and animal sighting stories.

The monument is a Bronze Award project for the junior troop. To receive this award the troop works as a team to identify an issue and develop a way to impact the community while developing collaboration and leadership skills. The Bronze award has to be earned as a team and be recognized by the Girl Scouts for developing a large, independent service project. The troop will begin crafting the monument out of rebar, rock and steel on Saturday, April 19. The Girl Scouts’ Bronze Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior (girls in grades four & five) can achieve.

“We are constantly amazed by the projects our Girl Scouts create,” said Debbie Rich, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona. “We are proud of the girls for taking these steps toward completing their Bronze Award, but also in creating a unique visual reminder about the area’s wildlife welfare.”

The Town of Oro Valley will own the monument and be responsible for ongoing maintenance. The monument will be completed in mid-May.

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