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Pima Community College’s chief academic officer last night outlined aggressive short- and long-term plans to lift the probation sanction imposed last month by the Higher Learning Commission.

Speaking to Governing Board members at their regular monthly meeting, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Dr. Jerry Migler said the plan includes the formation of 14 committees that will undertake a comprehensive self-study of the College as well as address each issue raised by the HLC. The committees will be composed of an estimated 300 people from both inside and outside the College.

“Students, faculty, staff and community members will have an opportunity to offer significant input into the process,” Dr. Migler said.

Interim Chancellor Zelema Harris said she would create a comprehensive list of training activities for Governing Board members to undertake over the next 18-24 months in order to increase their knowledge and skills. Dr. Harris emphasized that the Board needs to be engaged in a process of improvement for the College to emerge from probation.

The first deadline set by the HLC is August 1. That is the last day the College can file a Monitoring Report outlining its plan to conform with HLC practices regarding complaints and grievance procedures, and faculty oversight of curriculum. PCC has created a writing team of faculty, staff and administrators, and has developed a timeline and draft outline. The team will review current processes, review best practices and plan changes.

By July 2014, the College must submit an Institutional Self-Study – a comprehensive report that demonstrates continuous improvement by PCC and provides evidence of fulfillment of the HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation. The multifaceted report will focus on concerns identified by the HLC when it put the College on probation: that PCC operates ethically and with integrity, has administrative structures that allow the College to fulfill its mission, and engages in effective planning.

PCC has a new website, PCC Addresses Probation, designed to inform the public and the College community of activities PCC is undertaking to address the concerns of the HLC, which placed PCC on probation on April 6.

The site will contain news of recent PCC activities, key actions mandated by the HLC, as well as correspondence sent to employees and students, recent press releases, and links to the Governing Board and Accreditation webpages.

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