On Friday, Roadrunner Elementary School, in the Marana Unified School District, celebrated its 30th year anniversary with an assembly in the morning and a community carnival in the evening.

Throughout the assembly, which parents, former students and faculty, and MUSD board members attended, performances from the school’s band and the school’s martial arts club were given.

Kristina Brewer, who is the school’s principal, felt honored to in such a high leadership position be at the school at this monumental anniversary.

“It was a lot of fun to be able to celebrate the 30th with our staff and our community,” Brewer said. “We had a great turn out. I was very pleased with the turnout.”

Some former students, who also have kids of their own now attending the school, were recognized during the festivities. 

“We feel blessed and honored that people still want to be part of this community – people who have been here for years,” Brewer said.

The school district’s Superintendent Doug Wilson recognized that the community around the school is very unique with its student body of 463 K-6 students along with its 65 faculty members. The school is located about a 10 mile drive northwest of Marana High School. 

“We have these schools that have stood the test of time and served communities very well for a long period of time,” Wilson said. “They are really a significant part of the community.”

During the carnival, guests were treated with jumping castles, food trucks, a cake walk, along with numerous activity booths.

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