**UPDATE 2**

The male suspect responsible for the incident is identified as 36-year-old Steven Wahl. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at approximately 11:55 a.m. according to a press release from the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

The female suspect involved that fled into the Oro Valley Hospital is identified as 55-year-old Marie Margeso. She was transported to the Pima County Adult Detention Center and booked on the following charges:

• Possession of a Dangerous Drug

• Possession of a Narcotic Drug

• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

• Two outstanding warrants


Just before noon, after sending in robots to the home, it was confirmed the suspect, found in an upstairs bathroom, had a fatal, self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

Deputy Tracy Suitt of the Pima County Sheriff's Department said officers are now processing the crime scene.


The Pima County Regional Swat team and Oro Valley Police Department continue to negotiate with an armed suspect who has taken cover in an Oro Valley home not belonging to him.

According to Chris Nanos, chief deputy with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, the male suspect, said to be in his mid-20s or early 30s, had been under surveillance for narcotics distribution that contributed to one individual overdosing on heroine.

The undercover unit followed the suspect late last night, at one point witnessing what appeared to be a car-to-car rifle exchange.

When the officers attempted to pull him over, the suspect and his female passenger fled on foot from the area of the Oro Valley Hospital – the female running into the hospital itself, and the driver running into the desert.

The hospital was locked down, but the female was later apprehended and booked. She was booked in the Pima County Jail for an outstanding felony warrant and possession of drugs for sale. 

Nanos said the male suspect fled to a nearby home in the area of Rancho Vistoso, where he began breaking in. The homeowner called police, who arrived on scene a short time later.

At that time, the suspect fired shots at officers and fled the scene to another nearby home, breaking in and holding three individuals hostage.

Nanos said the suspect entered that home completely nude, but is unsure of the reasoning behind that fact. 

Officers were able to negotiate the release of two of the three hostages, said to have been a mother and father.

“All I heard her (the mother) screaming for was for her daughter,” said Kieran Mercer, a nearby neighbor was initially thought the gunfire was fireworks. “All night there have been random gunshots going off, not by the police.”

The initial gunshots began at about 11 p.m. last night, Mercer said.

Nanos said the third hostage, a woman in her 20s, has since been released to police and taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect remains held up in the home.

“We’re still trying to contact him,” said Nanos, adding the suspect is “heavily armed.”

Several additional weapons and nearly a dozen cell phones were said to have been found in the suspect's vehicle, which has since been impounded.

Robots have been sent into the home to survey the situation.

“We are going at this slow and easy… trying to resolve this as peacefully as possible,” said Nanos.

The SWAT team and Oro Valley Police Department remain on scene.

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I hope you'll follow up on this story by answering such questions as: 1) What did the occupants of invaded house #1 do (or not do) to drive the assailant from their home? 2) Did he break their door down? 3) Where did they have their cell phones that they were so easily at hand for calling the police? Or do they still have land lines? And are those of us who no longer have land lines putting ourselves in needless danger?


Person, I happen to know someone who lives on that street. From what they told me, this guy broke through the back sliding glass door and was planning on stealing their car to get away. But the OVPD arrived within minutes and he ran away. The family was upstairs calling 911. Don't know if they used cell phones or landline, but I usually keep my cell phone on the nightstand next to me.

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