The Sun City Vistoso Board of Directors is in the process of finding an architect to build a $2.2 million sports complex for the retirement community.

While residents have not officially voted on the proposed aquatics and fitness center, a June newsletter reported they could be charged a $1,000 assessment fee to fund it.

Members of the SCV board and management office are looking to upgrade the current sports complex in order to compete with other retirement communities in area.

Opponents of the project, however, have said current facilities are sufficient, and residents do not have the extra money in tough economic times to pay for a multi-million complex.

The community’s communications committee is expected this month to host resident forums, small group meetings and larger meetings to ensure residents receive accurate information regarding the proposed project.

In June, the board approved a $15,000 budget to pay an architect to design the proposed aquatics and fitness center that is expected to replace the current facilities.

In a recent project update, the board explained to residents that a subcommittee has been asked to interview architectural firms to create the preliminary design; committee members also have been tasked with gathering accurate construction estimates for the project.

Seven firms have been invited to make presentations; five have already taken advantage of the opportunity.

Each firm will have two hours to make the presentations, answer questions and tour the existing facilities.

Before SCV can move forward with an actual contract and construction, residents will have to vote. A vote is expected in October or November.

In the meantime, the board plans to continue gathering input from architects and residents. An electronic survey was completed on July 27, with 260 residents responding.

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