Why train like a normal person, when you can train like a fighter?

That is the guiding question at Boxing Incorporated (Boxing Inc.), Tucson’s own boxing, martial arts and training facility which has serviced athletes and fitness novices alike for more than a decade. Having established a strong presence both on the east side and near the university, time had come for Boxing Inc. to make its name known once again on the north side of town, and it has with the recent opening of its new location on the west side of North Oracle Road, just south of West Orange Grove Road at 6261 N. Oracle Road.

More than an ordinary workout facility or gym, Boxing Inc. offers a wide selection of classes including boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, mixed martial arts, CrossFit and more—all under one roof.

Regardless of the discipline, owner Zac Aikin said that the “class-style personal training” offered at Boxing Inc. works by offering constant, positive motivation to its members, creating a safe environment to constantly push individual physical limits and get a great workout—all while learning how to fight.

“When we teach you how to throw a jab, a right cross or a left hook, we’re teaching you how real fighters execute those strikes, and how they train,” Aikin said. “We will take you through the workouts that real fighters do. About 95 percent of my clientele aren’t going to be fighters, but they are going to learn to train like one. … You get to come in, take your aggressions out on the bag, have fun and it’s an amazing workout. Just try doing a three-minute round of boxing, it will really surprise you.”

That surprising workout will produce the desired effect on anyone who participates, Aikin said, whether it is a retiree with a hip replacement or an 18-year-old fighter training for a professional debut.

Working with members to achieve those goals are more than 20 different instructors across Boxing Inc.’s three locations, all of whom collectively offer more than 40 different classes every week. Those trainers vary in background as much as the classes: several are professional fighters with numerous fights under their belts, while others are men and women with world-class experience and are true fitness gurus with a passion for healthier living. 

“It’s about the people, it’s about the members,” Aikin said. “It’s about giving back to the community and helping people live healthier lifestyles. We’re passionate about what we do; we love combat sports and the fitness lifestyle, and we love to help people discovery that passion themselves, attain goals, lose weight and feel good about themselves.”

Those feel-good vibes take place within the massive heavy bag rack, on the grappling mat, in the boxing ring and in the personal training space. By offering a wide variety of disciplines in which members can train, Boxing Inc. provides a nearly unparalleled opportunity for anyone to become a well-rounded athlete and live a happier, healthier and longer life.

For those wishing to go even further, put on the headgear and spar, and are welcome to do so.

Though Boxing Inc.’s newest location has only been open since November, Aikin said the response from the community has been extremely positive, and that he and his staff look forward to again becoming a part of northern Tucson.

“We are hoping that this location here at Oracle and Orange Grove will be the next great thing, the new model,” he said. “Every time we open one we get better at what we’re doing. We bring all of the same principles and formulas, the classes are always intense, fun and different from what people are really used to at a big box gym.”

For more information on Boxing Inc. and the classes offered, including those for youth and women, visit www.boxingincorporated.com.

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