Mike Zinkin

Oro Valley Council member Mike Zinkin.


Looking to continue being more fiscally responsible, Oro Valley Councilman Mike Zinkin recently got his trip to the 2014 Leadership Summit paid for.

In the notification, Zinkin was told a scholarship the town had applied for was not selected this year, but impressed with his dedication to public service and commitment to growing in the work he is doing for the Oro Valley community, the cost of the trip would be paid for.

The trip was paid for by the National League of Cities University. Besides paying the airline fees, and for the conference, the league also offered a 50 percent discount to register.

Zinkin estimated the value of the contribution from the National League of Cities University to save the town about $1,000.

Zinkin will be attending the annual conference this week in California. Zinkin said he expects to learn a lot during the national three-day event.

The principal mission of the Leadership Fellows program is to support the National League of Cities (NLC) in its efforts to promote excellence and innovation in the arena of local government leadership development and local government leadership education.

Zinkin is one of 40 people chosen nationwide to serve as a leadership fellow for the organization.

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So Mike saved the town $1000 for one trip, what was the total cost of the trip. Why didn't he specify the cost to the town for the other trips he has made; like Washington D.C, Seattle, etc. How about the cost for the outside legal investigation that cost the town money earlier this year.


This piece by Zinkin is like a paid advertisement. I wish he had mentioned his annual town budget and where his expenditures are in relation to that.

Lleva Corbata

This guy says thing just like my wife "all the money I saved". Never total spent!!

How about telling us the total for all your trips Mr.Zinkin.

Then answer the same question you asked the police department when they escorted the bodies of the fallen firefighters..."how did this benefit the town?".

Half truths by a self promoter!! It appears he never met a conference he didn't like.


Come on folks, stop beating on poor ole' Zinkin. After all he'll be out of town. That's a plus, huh?

And he said that he expects to learn. That would be a plus.


As I recall, Council Members in the years prior to Mike being elected, did not waste town money on this conference. It is an expensive trip.

I also remember Mike's report after attending last year. He came back claiming the sky was falling because they were warned that Municipal Bonds may lose their Federal Tax Exempt status. The municipalities typically (depending upon their financial soundness) can negotiate a lower interest rate because the investor considers the tax savings when calculating the total return. As a bond investor, Mike's warning was no longer being considered.

That's the best he can do after spending how many days and how many of our dollars on this vacation. Did Ramona go with him?

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